Trade Mission to Benin

Isatis Services Africa Inc., in conjunction with the Government of Benin, is organizing a mine and energy trade mission to Benin, hosted by a team of Ministers and senior officials from presidential agencies such as:

His Excellency Aurelien AGBENONCI, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

His Excellency Samou Seïdou ADAMBI, Minister of Water and Mine

His Excellency Dona Jean-Claude HOUSSOU, Minister of Energy

Mr. Laurent GANGBES, Director General of Apiex, Benin’s trade and investment promotion agency;

and Benin government officials and business leaders on a unique journey into Benin’s natural resources, mineral and energy opportunities.

Gain a deep understanding of the opportunities in Benin and take advantage of multiple networking and partnership development opportunities as well as first access to mining and energy green field and brown field valuable claims.

Assist in the signing ceremony and the launch of the Benin Economic Promotion office in Toronto and Montreal.

Places are limited due to the security issues and background checks. Pre-registration is required. Only invitation holders will be admitted to the event.

Event details

Dates: from May 16th to May23rd, 2020

Cities: Cotonou, Abomey, Ouidah

Focus sectors

Mining and mineral resources:

  • Diamants;
  • Gold;
  • Nickel;
  • Niobium;
  • Tungsten


  • Petroleum;
  • Naturel gas


Trade mission fees: $ 3500 CAD (excluding travel and accommodation arrangements)